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Bombardier Global 7500 Private Jet Charter

Having made the announcement of plans for design in 2010, Bombardier, in an effort to push the pace of the market for the ultra-long-range jets, delayed the launch just to ensure they came out with the best product. The delay ended up being related to wing redesign but it was definitely worth the wait. With this resign, it allowed the 7500 ti significantly gain an edge over its competition by optimizing the aircraft’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Additionally, the aircraft allows direct access into significantly smaller aircraft in comparison to its competition. This is due to the combined exceptional braking system as well as that redesigned wing layout to allow for smoother and slower speeds on approach. This essentially allows for landing on a shorter runway at smaller airports to make travel more convenient and secluded. The aircraft gained its certificate to place aircraft on the market on December 20th, 2018. The range of this aircraft is an astounding 7700 nm while offering an impressive four-zone cabin design.

Currently, the 7500 holds the title as the largest and longest cabin in the business jet aircraft market. In the cabin, the seats provide the utmost comfort with the newly designed and patented, Nuage seat. This new deep recline seat was designed to bring the comfort of your home seating into your aircraft for your travel comfort. The new technology offers a tilt link system, a floating base for continual movement, and a tilting headrest to put this new technology above the rest. Whether it’s Tokyo – New York or any long-range trip that needs to be taken, the Global 7500 offers an office, bedroom, dining area, and more possible configurations for your utmost comfort.

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  • CABIN LENGTH: 54.5 ft
  • CABIN HEIGH: 6.2 ft
  • CABIN WIDTH: 8.0 ft
  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: Up to 19 passengers on typical configuration 
  • LUGGAGE CAPACITY: 195 cubic ft
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 7,700 nm


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