Chartering a Private Jet for Group Travel

Mercury Jets specializes in private jet charter flights for group travel. Private jets for larger groups utilize aircraft with spacious configurations designed for the specific purpose of your charter flight.

Private jet charters can be arranged for large groups, including:
  • College tours
  • Conferences
  • Corporate and incentive group flights
  • Destination weddings
  • Family vacations
  • Musicians/bands on tour
  • Music festivals
  • Global sporting events
  • Sports teams

Contact our professional charter coordinators or use our flight search tool below to receive an instant estimate for a private charter for your group travel.

Charter a private jet for your group

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Group air charters offer the maximum benefits of private air charters for your group, including:
  • Private use of the aircraft for your group
  • Nonstop flights directly to and from destinations
  • Aircraft specifications can be matched to budget and group size, ranging from economy to VIP configurations
  • From gourmet snacks to a full sit-down meal prepared by a private chef, we can arrange any catering you desire for your group charter
  • 24/7 dedicated client support
  •  Concierge services to and from the airport

Choose Mercury Jets

Mercury Jets has access to the largest number of private jets on the market. By offering white-glove concierge service, we ensure our clients are provided with the best available jet options to suit their group travel requirements.

A professional charter coordinator will ensure your privately chartered flight experience is flawless. To obtain a charter quote, please use our real-time quoting tool or call our experts 24/7 at 1-877-281-3051.

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