Chartering the Correct Private Jet

Private air charter craft is also known as business jets or bizjets vary in size from small to large, and range from small private turboprop aircraft for hire to a private charter VIP Airliner. These private aircraft are often utilized by private air travelers, air charter operators corporate flight departments, government or military.

The smallest in size of private charter aircraft is a turboprop which can be most economical for short-distance private passenger travel or light air cargo for private air charter or air-taxi. Next up is the small business jet for hire, also known as Microjets or very light jet (VLJ) which can take off and land in a short runway however carry relatively little weight. The next class size is the light jet, which has been around since the 1960’s and brings the advantage of greater speed to the short take off and landing capability needed to access small airports and has slightly larger capacity.

Continuing up in size of charter aircraft for hire is the mid-sized business jet which adds greater passenger volume and increased range for transcontinental flights. The luxurious elite super-mid-sized private charter jets feature wider cabin bodies and can fly at higher speeds at greater altitudes adding ultra-long range to the private charter traveler.

Next up is the wide-bodied large-cabin long-range private jet for hire and finally the heavy jet which is the ultimate in large-capacity luxury air travel. Also known as bizliners, these are typically a large airliner converted for super-elite private jet charter.

The primary differences between these private charter aircraft are the number of private charter passengers they can carry as well as the distance they can travel as measured by the number of private jet flight hours in their range. This of course all weighs in on the price of the private charter aircraft and their availability for hire. Considering that to order new aircraft for private jet rental may delay such an acquisition for as much as two to three years, it is primarily a pre-owned market when it comes to private aircraft for hire.

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