Cessna Citation Sovereign Private Jet Charter

Replacing the Cessna VII, the Citation Sovereign started flying in 2002 and quickly became one of Cessna’s go-to Midsize Jets for flyers looking for a large cabin and well-rounded performance. While it doesn’t excel in any one category, the Sovereign is excellent in many ways.

Designed to fly further than Hawkers and climb faster than Learjets, the Citation Sovereign offers powerful Pratt & Whitney PW306C engines with 5,900 lbs of thrust each. The cabin is stretched 6.6 ft, giving passengers more space during their 3,000+ nautical mile trips.

Furthermore, the luggage capacity of 100 cubic ft ensures nothing gets left behind. The onboard galley gives passengers a well-stocked refreshment center, and the 495 mph cruise speed gets them to their destination quickly and efficiently.

Upgraded in 2012, the Sovereign+ improves upon the recipe with winglets that allow for improved range, more powerful engines, and a modernized flight deck for the crew. With 349 Sovereigns in service, many flyers turn to this aircraft for their private travel needs.

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  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: up to 8 passengers (std configuration)
  • MAX RANGE: 3,200 NM
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 5’7”
  • CABIN WIDTH: 5’6”
  • CABIN LENGTH: 25’3”
  • BAGGAGE CAPACITY: 100 cu ft.

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