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The Citation Ultra is a redesign by Cessna that created an efficient and luxurious airplane. Boasting the longest cabin in its class, the Ultra makes the cabin appear even longer by using mirrors strategically placed in the cabin. The design includes seamless panels along the walls and leather upholstery. The design makes use of other niceties, such as individual entertainment screens and audio jacks. Indirect lighting, a fully enclosed lavatory, and a partial galley round out the creature comforts.

The Ultra is a truly versatile jet. Cessna increased the power and redesigned the wing so that an additional 46 knots of cruise speed was available for a max cruise of more than 425 knots. Takeoff distances were kept short, however, with less than 3,500 feet needed at maximum gross weight. The beefier engines are capable of providing enough bleed air to easily power all the systems of the airplane (air conditioning, pressurization, and anti-icing systems). There is no APU in the airplane, so be prepared to run number two on the ground or connect to ground support equipment on a hot summer day.

Baggage space and avionics are other pluses for the Ultra. Twenty-six cubic feet are available with 850 pounds available in the nose and 600 pounds available aft. With more than 1,400 pounds of capacity, you can be sure that fitting whatever shopping or vacation goodies you desire into the airplane will be effortless. Cessna also streamlined the avionics in the flight deck to make things more efficient upfront. This was done by reducing the number of screens and reducing the number of analog gauges as well.

Overall, the Ultra shows great versatility. It is useful for larger baggage loads, can accommodate eight passengers in a double-club arrangement, and has the excellent short-field capability. Faster than its predecessors, it is a gem that will please owners and charter clients for many years to come.

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  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: 7 passengers
  • MAX RANGE: 1,651 nm
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 4.8 ft
  • CABIN WIDTH: 4.8 ft
  • CABIN LENGTH: 17.3 ft
  • BAGGAGE CAPACITY: 26 cu ft


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