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About Compton/Woodley Airport (CPM, KCPM)

Situated in the southern part of Los Angeles County, California, Compton/Woodley Airport is a public-use airport mainly used for general aviation. The airport lies 2 miles southwest of central business district of Compton and is owned by the County of Los Angeles. Compton/Woodley Airport is located 8 miles west of Los Angeles International Airport and is considered as an alternative to the airport. Compton/Woodley Airport is categorized by the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems as a reliever airport.

The airport features a diversity of facilities, including two asphalt-paved runways in good condition. There are 150 aircraft based on the field of Compton/Woodley Airport, such as gliders airplanes, helicopters, jet airplane, multi-engine airplanes, and single-engine airplanes. The major aircraft operations the airport provides are transient general aviation and local general aviation.

Compton/Woodley Airport (CPM, KCPM) Private Jet Charter


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