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If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to travel on a private jet, you’ve probably encountered an empty leg on a private plane more than once. The empty legs come into great sense when you can be flexible and get a significant discount.

Mercury Jets will provide the best empty leg flights tailored to your requirements. We select only the most modern aircraft for private jet flights, which provide the highest level of comfort and safety. The quality of last minute charters is always a priority because customer care is a critical guideline in our work.

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Empty Leg Flights – Save up to 75%

Empty legs flights are a great option to save on a custom private jet travel at a discount of up to 75%. Empty leg flights include accurate information about the date of departure, destination, and size of the private jet. Empty legs are ideal for non-emergency private flights, VIP charters, and group charters.

What are Empty Leg Flights?

An empty flight means a return flight that pilots must take after the passengers of a one-way travel have disembarked. The main advantage of booking an empty leg charter is that you can often book a private flight for a much lower price than a typical private jet flight. So enjoy the services of an empty-leg flight and experience all the comforts of a VIP charter flight. Moreover, each jet empty leg is tailored to the maximum wishes of our client.

How Do Empty Leg Flights Work?

Repositioning flights operating flying to or from their point of origin without passengers are known as “empty legs.” At a significantly reduced cost, air charter travelers can enjoy the same benefits and convenience of a private jet by booking an empty leg. In this manner, a private jet returning to the base for repositioning after a one-way flight can be offered at a highly discounted rate compared to conventional prices. Our specialists will help you find suitable empty-leg charter flight options and rent entire aircraft with the most favorable conditions.

Due to the sporadic nature of an empty leg, a flight may not always be available. However, we believe it’s only fair to provide our clients with the opportunity to find the best prices. A great variety of private jet empty leg flights allow a flexible approach to the customers’ needs. With access to 4,000 aircraft worldwide, Mercury Jets’ empty leg search portal allows users to search for travel routes by custom departure and arrival locations, several passengers, dates and times, and aircraft. To request a quote or search empty legs, click to view the portal below.

Alternatively, our dedicated charter representatives are available 24/7 to help you search empty leg specials. So whether you’re looking for group charters, individual or last minute flights, we can find the greatest offers faster. To book a private air travel or speak to a representative, call us at +1 212 840 8000.

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Empty Leg Flight Prices

Prices for empty leg charter flights vary depending on several factors, just like any other charter flight. Generally, the leg flights cost 50%-75% lower than the prices of a regular charter. Every empty flight is different, and prices vary based on various parameters. There are several key components to consider when putting together the total price.

Hourly rate

The price of empty leg charters can be estimated based on the hourly rate of the selected private jet and the number of flight hours.

Supply and Demand

During certain peak seasons, the price of empty legs increases, as on high-volume routes. So, for instance, empty leg prices will be higher during the summer vacation than at other times.

Positioning Fee

The price of the route you requested, and the empty leg posted, should be equal. If the route is a one-to-one match, the price of an empty leg can be very close to the cost of a private jet flight, plus taxes and fees. Direct matches are hard to find outside of the significant market routes. If the empty leg needs to be rerouted, it will incur additional costs that will be included in the price.

The dead leg flights service is relevant for passengers who make frequent flights and have the opportunity to coordinate their schedule with the time of the flight. Specials on empty leg flights appear as close to the departure date.

Why Is There A Discount On Empty Legs?

Empty legs are sold at discounted prices because of trade-offs. With an empty leg charter flight, the customer does not have a wide choice of aircraft, departure date and time, or destination because the entire jet must go to a specific destination and be there at a particular time. Thus, the passenger and the operator benefit significantly through the empty leg charters.

What are the Specifics of an Empty Leg?

Booking a private flight using the empty leg system can significantly reduce the financial cost of organizing a one-way charter flight. Besides that, all critical aspects, such as safety level and service quality, remain the same, as in a usual private trip. If one of the dead heads charter flights coincides with your proposed route, our consultants can help you with quick flight arrangements.

Advantages of empty leg flights:

  1. Savings – up to 75% of the cost of the usual fare for a charter flight;
  2. Aircraft – flights with empty legs on luxury private jets.
  3. Relevant information – available empty-leg flights are regularly updated on our website.
  4. Professional service – our professional charter flights experts will help you find the best empty leg flight option or route in our database.

Is There a Difference in the Quality of Service on Empty Legs?

No, the high standards of business aviation are proper for all charter flights options, including empty leg. So the service remains at the highest level but has a distinct price advantage. You can get to your destination in comfort, but consider that the empty leg does not provide the opportunity to plan your departure. We will choose the best empty-leg private jet option for you, arrange additional services, and suggest how to save money on your journey.

How do I book empty leg flight?

The most convenient way to book an empty leg flight is to contact our consultants. One of our staff members will contact you to provide more information on the best empty leg specials on the best plane available for your trip. Also, we will help you find the best leg deals on private jet charters for the route you are interested in.

How Far Can I Travel with Empty Leg Flights?

Passengers can fly anywhere with the popular empty leg flight service. Be aware, however, that you can’t adjust the plane to your schedule or change your itinerary. Check the website for a price if you see an empty leg flight that appeals to you.

Basically, empty leg charter flights happen in all corners of the globe. If you are more interested in the private jet type than the destination, you can search for empty leg flight options depending on the aircraft type. We’ll get back to you shortly with more information about private flying and a price to consider.

What Documents are Required for an Empty Leg Flight?

The documents required for the charter flights directly depend on the destination. You will need a passport and, on many occasions, a visa for a flight abroad. Otherwise, it would be best if you had your passport to check-in at the airport when traveling within the country. Our consultants can help you draw the necessary documents for an empty leg flight and the conditions of entry into the desired country.

Book an Empty Leg Flight with Mercury Jets

Finding the best option on the empty leg of a private jet can take some time. At Mercury Jets, we use our years of experience and personalized service to quickly find the best deals on empty leg flights and review all aspects of your booking. Furthermore, we have access to many empty flights on various private jets worldwide, and we will be glad to support you. It could be an offered empty flight or a rerouting solution, which we will explore for you.

By choosing Mercury Jets, you can be sure that we guarantee reliability, confidentiality, and transparency of prices. Flying private should be a pleasure, so we will make your empty leg charter flight as personalized as possible. Our team of experts is constantly on hand to find the most suitable viable option when you are booking an empty leg.

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