Fractional and Charter Working in Conjunction

The majority of fractional owners are under the assumption that the private jet they “own” is sufficient for the reason that they are part of a great program and anything they could possibly need, their program will supply with few exceptions. Nobody wants to be told that what they are doing is wrong and many fractional owners rightfully resist diving into details and they are initially turned off by the idea of seeking more convenient, flexible, and cost-effective alternatives simply because they are “happy”.

A reputable private jet charter broker will often work alongside fractional owners to help maximize what they already have in place on a trip-by-trip basis. A charter broker who knows the business realizes it’s not realistic to attempt to change a fractional owner’s mind about their program. Regardless of the type of aircraft you have or the size of your share, there are trips that you take, that all fractional owners take that makes sense to use your fraction, and then there are numerous trips that make no sense to use your fractional hours.

If you are not using all of your hours then there is not much anyone can do for you. You likely purchased into a program thinking you were going to need more hours than you ended up using. At this point, you are still paying for something you are not using and in some cases, it may make more sense for you to exit your program now than to ride it out until the end. Just like a yacht owner, even if you never use it, there is still a tremendous cost associated with owning it.

If you are to believe that you will have remaining hours at the end of your year, it’s very much in your best interest to use those hours no matter what the trip entails because you’ve already essentially pre-paid for it with your acquisition cost and monthly maintenance fees. Contact a reputable charter broker and they should be able to inform you of circumstances where jet charter may be more beneficial.

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