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Gulfstream G650ER Private Jet Charter

Making its long-awaited debut in December of 2014, the G650ER is currently the longest-ranged aircraft. It superseded the version it upgraded which was the G650 by 500 nm taking its range to over 7,500 nm. With this range, the G650ER can offer more nonstop connections ranging from a nonstop flight from Dubai to Atlanta as well as a nonstop flight departing from most of the eastern coast of the United States to Hong Kong. The reason behind the long-range would be the G650ER ability to carry a larger amount of fuel, approximately 4,000 lbs carried in the wings alongside a software update in the cockpit to ensure the ability to manage the added performance.

The G650ER has a cruising altitude of 45,000 ft and replenishing oxygen in the cabin every 2 minutes. The reason this is a significant advantage is it assists in helping passenger’s heart and lungs easily oxygenate their blood resulting in less fatigue and ensure a refreshed arrival to assist in reducing the effects of Jet Lag issues traveling through multiple time zones. The cabin is designed to carry up to 19 passengers in a typical passenger accommodation outfitting and also contains the ability to sleep up to 10 in a nighttime configuration. The G650ER offers a Gulfstream Cabin Management System in which gives the ability to passengers to control temperature, lighting, window shades, and entertainment devices. If you are looking to travel in comfort and step off the current longest range in the market aircraft in style then the G650ER provides a safe bet.

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  • CABIN LENGTH: 46.10 ft
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 6.3 ft
  • CABIN WIDTH: 8.2 ft
  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: Up to 19 Passengers on a typical configuration
  • LUGGAGE CAPACITY: 195 cubic ft
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 7,500 nm


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