Hassle Free Private Charter

Among the many reasons to charter private jets from Miami/ Ft Lauderdale to NY or Bahamas or anywhere worldwide is the convenience of departing and arriving on a private charter aircraft on your own schedule and avoiding the delays and inconveniences of commercial travel. Why wait in long lines and bog down going through security when you can enjoy the benefits of private charter travel? Private Jets can take you where & when commercial carriers cannot keep stress low and privacy high.

The slowdown involved with going through security (not to mention potential adverse effects on health from Xray machines) can cause missed flights, limits your carry-on, forces you to waste valuable time in a noisy environment, and is tiring, to say the least. With private aviation, you can relax and enjoy your own private jet service to your favorite destination on your timetable.

Look for yourself; visit any private air charter terminal and see how at ease, comfortable and relaxed everyone looks heading out or returning on a private jet charter free of aggravation and scrutinizing TSA officers. Compare to the stressed-out looking people running to hurry up and wait in line to be inconvenienced so they can sit on the tarmac strapped in and waiting to fly commercial.

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