Honda Jet Is Available for Charter

Manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina, the HondaJet is beginning to see service as a charter jet. It is an entry-level business jet that has seating for four to six passengers and can be crewed by one pilot. Capable of more than 1,300 miles at nearly 500 miles per hour, it can quickly cover regional transport distances.

It is composed mostly of composite materials and has state-of-the-art avionics with touch screen flight deck displays. Its cabin is close to that of the Pilatus PC-12 at five feet wide and four-feet-ten-inches in height but about one foot longer at nearly eighteen feet. It has a fully-enclosed lavatory and limited galley facilities.

Other design features include engines mounted over the wings in pods. This offers added protection against foreign object damage. Custom-designed by GE, the engines are computer-controlled allowing for more efficient operation and fuel usage is more than 25% below others in its class. Seating is of leather construction and laid out in a club-style.

These jets are available in the charter market in the United States and in Europe. Honda expects one in five to be delivered to the European market. The airplane boasts more baggage space than its competitors and due to its award-winning design, more cabin area as well.

The economic advantages of the HondaJet allow for cost savings to be passed along to the consumer and client. The airplane is available in all regions of the United States and will be making a larger and larger appearance as production increases going into the next decade.

Honda Jet Is Available for Charter

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