In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment has reached a whole new level. In 2006, an ‘elevated’ in-flight entertainment option began to include concerts in the sky. During a private air charter flight from New York to London, nu-metal rock group, Korn, performed live for the 60 passengers aboard an air charter flight of a VIP Boeing 757 private jet. Now concert promoters are taking to the skies to book top-flight acts for those who want the highest-flying live entertainment aboard their private air charter. Perhaps American groups with names like ‘Air Supply’ or the Australian rock band ‘Airbourne’ will find a new niche in the sky…

While the concept of concerts in the sky for private air charter seems innovative, perhaps in-flight entertainment has come full-circle. In 1936, the German airship Hindenburg provided their private air charter travelers with a piano lounge, dining room, smoking room, and bar while traveling between Europe and America.

After WWII, a food and beverage service was introduced during commercial air travel, and an occasional projector with a ‘newsreel’ followed by a silent movie was featured. By 1985, audio players became an option for passengers to enjoy. In 1989, noise-canceling stereo headphones were available, and today’s sophisticated passengers sport their own private high-end stereo headsets. Private jets are all now equipped with power outlets for the many personal entertainment devices, high-speed internet, movie servers, and many feature built-in surround sound.

Now, in the 21st century, we are back where we started – with live, musical performances. When you air charter a fully equipped private jet, the sky really is the limit. Your private air charter broker now has a world of in-flight entertainment options to add to his or her list of many available services to make your air time that much more relaxing and enjoyable.

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