Pet Friendly Charter Flights

Pet Friendly Charter Flights

Pet Friendly Jet Charter Flights

Let’s face it, our pets are family members. When travelling with a pet, wouldn’t it be so much more comforting to have him or her travel in the seat next to you, instead of being crated, alone and scared, in the cold dark baggage compartment of a commercial airliner? As pet lovers, how can we not worry and wonder through the entire flight? Is my pet ok, without food, water or human interaction? Will the baggage handlers treat them well? Will my pet reach our destination, or could they get lost, as luggage often does?

Even worse, there are a significant number of pets who do not survive in the baggage compartment due to anxiety, oxygen deprivation and excessive heat or cold. Airlines have restrictions regarding ambient temperature and pet transportation as baggage. Pet friendly charter flights eliminate the fear and anxiety for you and your pet. Wouldn’t you want your pet to be treated like a star, receiving the same royal treatment as each passenger? When arranging a charter flight with your pet, we can schedule rest stops along the way, provide pet catering, or just help you rest assured that your furry family member will arrive safely, by your side. Whether you are going on vacation, or moving to a new city, or a new country, your pet can travel with you, in comfort and safety in the cabin.

For more information on pet friendly charter flights, or any of your private aviation needs, contact the Mercury Jets team of aviation professionals.

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