Private Aviation Saves the Day

Any time commercial travelers are inconvenienced and/or interrupted, it tends to be good news for the private aviation community. With the implementation of the x-ray screenings and how much outrage exists over the lack of privacy there tends to be when going through security at the airport, many people are calling air charter companies to see if renting a private jet or turboprop could be worth it. When weather complicates commercial air travel, delayed passengers often call charter companies to see if there is a way to get out.

Never do I wish disasters of any kind to take place, but find it fascinating that private aviation thrives when natural disasters cause the chaos and destruction they often do. A simple snowstorm can make for the most frustrating air travel scenarios. Without a private charter, cargo relief and medical personnel would not be able to get to these sometimes remote areas as quickly as other methods such as commercial aviation or boats.

During the eruption of the Volcano in Iceland, commercial traffic came to a near standstill in those regions affected by the smoke while private air charter industry requests became so numerous, the phones were off the hook for days on end and many trips were performed. No one can forget Haiti, trips on private aircraft (passenger and cargo) are still being performed due to the earthquake that caused massive destruction still being felt today, almost a year later.

It’s easy to place blame on those who misuse private aviation, say that it contributes to global warming, misappropriation of funds but I’m convinced that much more positive comes out of the industry than negative. You also can’t ignore the media’s obsession to report on the negative. Many of our opinions are shaped by what we hear and how often we hear them.

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