Private Jet Safety Audit

With aviation safety raking as a top concern for private jet travelers, how do you know if your private air charter operator meets your standards? There is an independent third-party organization that rates air charter operators for safety. ARGUS International inc is a world leader in aviation safety, data, and market research providing essential information to the private charter industry since 1995.

ARGUS provides specialized aviation services including on-site safety audits as well as background reports on individual aircraft, pilots, and crew for corporate flight departments, air charter operators as well as private jet travelers worldwide. ARGUS-rated private jet charter operators are measured by the strictest standards in private air charter safety. Check up on your air charter operator before you fly. Argus provides three distinct ratings: Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum which reflect the level of detailed information available about the private charter operator.

The ARGUS rating system is the most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the private charter industry, providing robust information on ownership and management as well as any citations, enforcement actions, accident and incident reports, etc. There are over 1,000 private air charter operators listed on ARGUS where you will find private air charter industry research, market intelligence, and private travel industry advisory services.

The combined experience of the ARGUS management team can be of tremendous benefit to Private Charter Operators who endeavor to provide the utmost in private air travel safety. Put them to work for you before you select a private jet for your private air charter.

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