Why use private jets?

A privilege of the privileged few, private jets can prove to be the ultimate in luxury and comfort and style.  True to the popular notion, cruising the world in a private jet asks for a great deal of money, and hence these sky liners are not yet causing major air traffic. Most of the people would find it unthinkable to own a private jet due to the multi faceted cost factors involved in catering to the same. However, if flying in a private jet is still a must do in your bucket list, then renting one is a workable option. The rents, so to speak, would not compare to a taxi ride, but if you have your priorities set straight in what you look for in your jet, it can be made possible.

If we were to form a list of the owners of private jets, you would find, without any surprise, the crème de la crème of society. The erst while British Prime Minister Tony Blair is happy to race across skies in rented gear while Hollywood favorite Tom Cruise has been nick named “Emissions Impossible” thanks to the carbon foot print left behind by his own jets. Among the other celebrities who own private jets are Donatella Versace, John Travolta (who has his Boeing 707 parked on his front lawn beside his Lear and Gulfstream), Simon Cowell, Phillip Green (a billionaire who owns more than 2,500 stores) and Michael O’Leary. Reported owners of Boeing aircraft include Russian oil tycoon Roman Abromavich as well as the Google men Larry Page and Serge Brin, Sergio Mantegazza (Falcon 900) and Lakshmi Mittal (who both own Gulfstream G550s).

When the billionaires find that mere millionaires can match up to owing private jets they move ahead, deftly too, to the next level. A Boeing 747-8 or an Airbus 380 which costs $280 million and $300 million respectively will remain out of competition bounds for a while to come.

Look inside of the new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

Keeping aside all these obvious and flamboyant truths, owning or renting private jets are fast becoming a way of the successful business world too. Here, where time is money and where deals are made or broken within span of minutes or even seconds, it is of utmost importance that time is to be treasured. If we were to look at this a little more closely, we are to find that the upper management of famous business organizations is looking at, at least, renting out private jets for their business needs. For any successful business time is of essence and the relation between time and money is interdependent. Along with saving time, there are the perks of enjoying a hassle free journey without security check ins and adherence to flight schedules. Needless to say, the best way to impress a prospective client or to retain great workforce!

Private jet renting or leasing is becoming a popular and effective mode of travel for the business tycoons. Business travelers have had enough of being treated as potential local threats after paying up a fortune to travel first class. Depending on the company’s budget, chartering or leasing a plane or buying a jet itself turns out to be a viable option. More and more companies are going the private jet way as proven by an almost 50 % drop in commercial flights in business class. With a wobbly global economy there has been a marked decrease in the prices of private jets too and hence owning one might not prove to be a treat for just the privileged few, as mentioned earlier!

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